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Web Design Steps - Begin with Web Planning 

Our mission: Integrating well thought-out web design with top search engine ranking techniques,
to produce highly effective web sites.

Steps to Developing an Effective Web Site with The Media Mix!

Developing the Plan

  • Client Background Input and Web Marketing Consulting
  • Review category competition web sites and coding
  • Determine Web Site Needs
    1. Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Email requirements
    2. Informational web site, E-Commerce or On-Line Ordering
    3. Special considerations Web Design, Re-design, SEO coding
    4. Custom Form Development for data entry
    5. Database interface : static pages versus dynamic content
  • Client Marketing Objectives
    1. Gauging short, mid and long-term objectives
    2. Define various product target audiences
    3. Review Current Online and Offline efforts and media mix
    4. Gather branding and marketing materials (logos, advertising, graphics)
SEO Review, Analysis, and Planning
  • If currently online: Statistics tracking – develop baseline
  • Keyword and phrase analysis in multiple product categories
  • SEO Research: Search Engine Potential vs. Competition
  • Rank report – based on current ranking by Google
  • Analyze top ranking “key word rich” sites in target categories
Web Design and Development
  • Develop site architecture : web site outline of pages, navigation, structure
  • Concept design : look- feel, style imagery, format
    1. Clean lines, crisp look tailored to client’s industry
    2. User-friendly navigation
    3. Tight coding behind the scenes
  • Built hand-in-hand with search engine optimization "best practice"
  • Provide Information Platform for prospects : weave-in SEO content*
  • Graphic enhancement & compression for fastest opening time
  • If appropriate:
    1. Site map to aid navigation and insure search engine inclusion
    2. Search capabilities
    3. Interface to secure user login
    4. Determine ecommerce needs and set-up shopping cart
Implement Search Engine Optimization
  • Create Header & Meta Tags: Title, Description, Key Words
  • Addition of key word copy in body text: Phrase, Size, #, Placement*
    (Client to supply text in Word format; TMM to provide copy editing)
  • Set up Stats Tracking. if not in place
  • Hand submit to major search engines; auto submit remainder
  • Testing : test optimization on Yahoo, MSN and Google results; modify; re-test based on Stats Analysis (Select Category for Testing based on web potential)
  • Submission to DMOZ Open Directory Project, core category directory
  • Cross-links from high page rank sites we control for fast search engine indexing
Monthly SEO Maintenance:
  • On-going optimization and search engine submission
  • Recommendations on web marketing elements such as PPC, Referral links for Page Rank link popularity, new opportunities
Phase II Web Promotion Considerations:

Based on category competitive environment

  • Pay-Per-Click PPC campaign management or testing
  • Paid inclusion on select search engines
  • Directory listing in category specific directories
  • Build Link Popularity to increase page ranking and targeted traffic

If you're still not sure what sets The Media Mix apart, learn more about our philosophy to web development and web marketing. Our Approach to Web Design and Development.

Fill our our Website Needs Assessment to begin the process, or call Hub McNett or Linda Yarbrough.

We build your website for where you are today ... as well as develop it for your growth. Let's talk about the vision for your organization or event. We'll put together a package that will fit your goals and your budget. Call us today at 817-910-9000 to make the most of your web site internet marketing.

Put the power of a media marketing strategy specialist behind your web site!

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