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Improve Web Site Ranking Positioning  
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Internet Marketing Strategy:

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A closer look at the #1 Myth of Internet Marketing - by The Media

The number 1 myth of the Internet leads business owners to believe that
"building a web site will increase your exposure to prospective new contacts."

In reality, the Internet has over 6 Billion web pages and is growing at the rate of 3,000 sites per day.  If you can't be found, your web site is nothing more than an electronic brochure that you can send existing prospects to see.  It does a great job of giving details .. but reaching new prospects?

Yes, it can do that and so much more.  That is, if you do a serious job of internet marketing with web strategy and Search Engine Optimization.

Google 1/06 - Searching 6,500,000,000 web pages)

Before you can tell your story - your prospects must find your story . .

We are a Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO services firm) offering expert search engine ranking strategy and web submission service.  Your first priority should be: increase web traffic from web site hit produced when you improve web site ranking. Combine this with effective web site design and you'll gain a lot more than prospective new contacts!

In marketing your website, we work with direct client accounts. web design firms and graphic designers to improve your web site ranking results.  From internet marketing consultant to turnkey web design development and web page optimization, The Media Mix offers flexible Internet solutions for increasing your web exposure.

Where do we begin?
We find out where you are today.  Your site.  What's working; what's not.  Your goals.  We analyze your web site and decide together the right package based on your needs and your budget. It really comes down to: "Where do you want to go ... and how fast do you want to get there?"

The 1st piece of the puzzle
To be effective, your web site efforts must be built based on information your prospect is looking for on the Internet. We determine market segment size and specific keyword phrases your target prospect enters into search engine queries.  We sort, sift, analyze & lay the plan together until all the pieces fit.

  • Web site and traffic statistics analysis

  • Top keyword / key phrase analysis

  • Craft body content for targeted hits

  • Meta Tag review and/or creation

  • Layout, graphic and coding effects
  • Local, regional, or national ranking

  • Search engine placement services

  • Directory research and link popularity

  • Category specific directory inclusion

  • Website advertising and promotion strategy

Our Guarantee
The Media Mix offers Search Engine Optimization services that will improve the visibility and targeted traffic to your site. We will measure your hit rate before we begin and again several months after the optimization and guarantee increased traffic to your site. Targeted “hits” will be measured by search engine keyword analysis.

Linda Yarbrough , Client Services Director     

Our clients are seeing amazing results with recent internet marketing strategy and search engine optimization. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you!

Are you ...
... putting together a new web site and want to do it right from the beginning?
... a business with a web site ready for a re-design? Or ready to enter ecommerce?
... a client who has a good web designer but you want to increase site traffic?
... a web designer with a client site that is not h ighly ranked in search engines?
... frustrated because your page isn’t showing up in the top rankings … or at all?
... thinking the only way to be found is to buy a Pay-Per-Click keyword campaign?

Shouldn't you spend your valuable time doing what you do best? Work with a company who handles this very complex process day in-day out.  If you want better search engine placement, contact us by email or phone at 817-910-9000. Make the most of your web site marketing with Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing strategy.

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~ Jan. 25 2020 ~

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