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Our Approach to Web Site Design & Internet Marketing 

Whether you need web marketing, web site promotion services, web design and development,
[site analysis, stats tracking review, web design or re-design, search engine optimization]
improved web ranking results or e-commerce strategy, we can provide your web solution with:

Web Design, Site Re-Design, Internet Marketing and Web Site Promotion .. by The Media Mix!

As you expand your business on the internet, you want to be an even stronger resource for your customers. We encourage you to take a close look at the resources we can offer as your web design company. We're Web Designers and more ... blending effective web design with strategic marketing.

Web Ranking Expertise: Consistently deliver high web rankings for clients in a broad range of categories. We adhere to search engine guidelines to deliver targeted traffic to your site. We don’t use tricks that can get a site banned from the search engines … just lots of hard work and research to target traffic with the most cost-efficient approach.

Web Planning: Building a research-based foundation for your web efforts starts by exploring your: marketing goals, offline marketing materials and your online efforts, stats history, and industry competitive environment on the internet. We'll understand your target audience and the information they are looking for on the web ... and we'll position you to be there.

Web Design Solutions: From simplicity to complexity, our vast experience developing hundreds of web sites gives us a creative edge. At the core: clean lines, sharp graphics and user-friendly navigation. We take complex and make it look simple .. and can take simple and make it soar.

Web Redesign: Frequently called upon to redesign existing sites to transform the look, feel and functionality. A cleaner look, a style that conveys the client’s personality and has a compelling call to action. A well thought-out sales marketing tool that works well for the user .. and works for you 24/7.

Database development: Well-versed in ASP programming, we create a wide variety of database solutions - from admin area forms that you can update, store shopping carts, password input forms and beyond. If you administer your backend function internally, we can provide a base that blends with your front-end design for a consistent style. We can also offer sage advice and consulting if needed.

Graphic Arts background: We combine technical expertise with the eye of a graphic artist: a combination that produces a highly effective layout and graphic presentation. Want to keep visitors on your website longer and encourage more page views? You have > 5 seconds to capture their eye!

Targeted copywriting or editing: You supply the copy and we'll provide copy editing .. or share your concepts and marketing materials and we go from there. The choice is yours. Key to developing an effective website is balancing visual elements with relevant text "content." We can help.

Web Marketing and Promotion: We bring the added value of strategic marketing to every website we design, redesign and optimize .. always with an eye on cost-efficiency and delivering the best value. We understand that the bottom line comes down to results: the phone call, the email, the sale closing, your cash register ringing.

As your web-marketing partner, we’ll bring experience .. flexibility .. creativity .. the latest tools .. and the core philosophy to under-promise and over-deliver.

The Media Mix goes beyond what’s expected. Our seasoned experience and complimentary skills give us vast tools to develop custom solutions for each client. The result? A highly effective web site with clean lines, user-friendly navigation, and memorable elements. A site designed for optimum search engine indexing coupled with the latest search engine optimization techniques. A website that produces results!

Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

We build your website for where you are today ... as well as develop it for your growth. Let's talk about the vision for your organization or event. We'll put together a package that will fit your goals and your budget. Call us today at 817-910-9000 to make the most of your web site internet marketing.

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Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

Put the power of a media marketing strategy specialist behind your web site!
Fort Worth Texas Based - National Service

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~ Jan. 25 2020 ~

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