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Web Site Ranking with The Web Marketing Consultant  

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Most likely, you found our web site on a search engine where we achieved top web ranking results for one of these phrases! How do we know this?

We are Web Marketing Experts who provide web marketing consulting and Search Engine Optimization SEO. Our firm has the research, tools and knowledge of the phrases that people are most likely to type in for search results. It's amazing how many different combinations of words people will use looking for the same thing. You can't predict it, you can't guess at it. In fact, you can know your target audience inside-out & still be losing a huge volume of prospect hits every day ...

That is why multiple-keyword phrase combinations are so important. And that's where we begin to increase your web traffic. We can help you determine what your audience is looking for and position you to be there.

The 1st step in Web Site Marketing Strategy should be to improve your Search Engine Web Ranking. More than 90% of all traffic comes from major search engines. Remember that "Before you can tell your story, folks have to find your story." If you can't find your own site, you aren't alone. If your web site is coming up in the search engines but no where near the top of the listings, you are losing traffic ... lots of targeted traffic.

Think buying a Pay-Per-Click PPC campaign is the only way to overcome this? Wrong.

You just need the tools to do a better job of working with the search engines and gain more targeted traffic. How search engine results work is like piecing together a word puzzle. And competition in your key category determines just how difficult that puzzle will be. The web sites designed with the most puzzle pieces that "fit" will produce the highest search engine ranking in results.
It's that simple .. and that complex.

Want a free web site marketing tip?
Read on ...


There are hundreds of "rules" in dealing with Search Engines and their criteria change frequently. Some liken it to "chasing a moving target." Search engine optimization specialists spend hundreds of hours a month studying changes in Search Engine algorithms to keep their clients' site search engine rankings high.

Can you make a difference in your site without spending, or paying for, hundreds of hours of work? Yes ... with the help of an expert who has already put in the time. A little work on your site can make a big difference ... and a lot of work can bring your web site success beyond your expectations!

There are key areas that produce consistent, solid improvement ... beginning with knowing the information your target audience is looking for. Include relevant key word copy which translates to "information they are looking for" and you have the winning combination to stronger web marketing results. Research tools are available to help you pin point where to focus your efforts. But then there's the matter of what do with that information: how to use it in your web site, your titles and your coding.

From a Search Engine Optimization stand-point we think of a web page as very expensive real estate ... and every word counts. But how to put the puzzle together, and how far you need to go in search engine optimization, is all based on the competition in your key categories.

How competitive is your website environment?
How many web sites are optimized?
How often is the category indexed?

We use professional web ranking software in addition to hands-on SE research to develop a thorough Web Ranking Report. This step is core to your web site marketing strategy. Search Engine Category competition will determine how many times you should use a key word phrase, in what combination, where on the page, how big the font size of a particular word and where the key word phrase is positioned on the page. And that's just one piece of the puzzle.

Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

What are some of the things we need to know to help you? Is your site local, regional, national, international? Are you selling products or services on the internet or is your site purely informational? What has your site been achieving for you and what do you believe the potential is in annual revenue? Our recommendations for improvement on your site will be determined by your goals and expectations.

We work with a firms business owner, marketing manager, web designer or graphic arts firm to provide web site consulting, web marketing or SEO implementation. We can help a little or a lot, depending on your budget and goals.

Some of the key areas we work with are:

  • Key word phrase analysis
What will this do for me?
  • Search engine research
How can I determine Competition and Potential?
  • Web page titles
Why are they so important? How do you make the most of each Web Page Title?
  • META Tag coding
What is an HTML Meta Tag? What do they do? What do I need to do with them?
  • Image ALT Tag coding
What are they? Do I need them?
  • Body content
Make your site an information platform!
  • User-friendly navigation issues
What hurts? What helps?
  • Key word content ratio
What's that got to do with E-Business?
  • Improve sales conversion ratio
E-Commerce solutions to make your site more interactive
  • Most common graphic mistakes
Big problem; we can fix it quickly!
  • Page load time factors
Is this affecting my web site results?
  • Pay-Per-Click campaign P-P-C
Where should PPC fall into my web promotion plan?
  • Link popularity
Do I really need to exchange compatible links? Why? How?
  • Directory listings
Where to list? How important are these links to traffic?
  • Stats tracking and analysis
There's a cash register just waiting to ring in those statistics!

We can help you learn to improve your web site ranking result OR we can add the "professional secret sauce" and handle as many SEO details, or as little, as you request.

Two notes of caution:

1) Be careful how you use the tips you hear or read.

  • We often read tips that will only spin your wheels and waste your time.
  • Some advice is flat wrong and can do more harm than good including getting your web site banned from the search engines.
  • Some strategies should only be implemented by a professional.

2) Compare SEO "expert" results!

  • Specializing in multiple-key word phrase ranking, web marketing strategy and web design, we're a one-stop source for everything web. Compare and you'll find we offer the best value!
  • We are called on frequently to re-design web sites thought to have been "optimized." Ask to see results.
  • Ask how they optimize? We conform to ethical practices and work "with" the search engine system ... not try to find the latest loophole and use "tricks" to manipulate the system.

Learn more about how to improve web ranking and your bottom line, by clicking on these links:

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Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

Make the most of your web site internet marketing. Blending "top web ranking result" techniques with strategic marketing consulting, The Media Mix can put together a package that will fit your goals and your budget. Call us today at 817-910-9000!

Put the power of a media marketing strategy specialist behind your web site!
Fort Worth Texas Based - National Service

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