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Linda Yarbrough

Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO) & Strategic Marketer for Search Engine Ranking

Linda goes beyond the boundaries of a Media and SEO Specialist. Most SEO Specialists will do the research necessary on 10 or fifteen words and provide those in an attempt at achieving reasonable ranking in the search engines. Linda goes much further and the proof is in the fact that she has been able to consistently achieve high search engine ranking results with successes in categories including: real estate, hotels, hospitality industry, event promotion, retail product marketing, consumer sales, industrial products, business services and others.

Linda understands that a strong marketing message is important to the success of a business, but even the best message is worthless if no one is exposed to it. Linda is an expert at helping your prospects find the message. Search Engine Optimization is a complex puzzle. Success in solving this puzzle takes thorough research and search engine knowledge, flexibility, creative planning skills and tenacity, lots of tenacity. Search Engine criteria is constantly shifting. Competition is increasing and with over 4 billion web pages on the Internet, it can take chipping your way to the top bit by bit in a highly competitive category. Many Search Engine Optimization Specialists concentrate on the key words and never touch pay-per-click, directory listings, link popularity, etc., but Linda goes above and beyond the best search engine optimization specialists by including expertise in navigation and coding to make the page more search engine friendly. She takes the extra step to make the page sticky and increase the conversion rate. She has proven, by the amazing results she has achieved for clients, that she knows more than just search engine optimization.

Linda has also helped clients with strategic marketing, promotion, E-commerce strategy, Newsletter and E-zine development as well as media marketing both on and off line.

With 39 years of experience in the advertising and media field, Linda has been involved in strategic marketing, advertising planning, media planning and buying for clients that have included: Frito-Lay, Borden Ice Cream, Harris Methodist Hospital, The Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Market Center, Tandy/Radio Shack, Sprint Business, Pro-Cuts Hair Care Centers and Texas Dairy Queens.

Linda’s broad range of experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, media (including the internet) and website design have provided the solid base necessary to support the thorough understanding of a clients offering and, when combined with her creative side, allows her to find the keys to moving your page higher in the search engine rankings. Higher rankings means more traffic and more traffic combined with the right message equals increased revenues.

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