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Media Planning and Media Buying Specialist  

::  Fort Worth Dallas Texas based • Local, Regional and National Services ::

Creative media planning strategy based on:

strategic marketing goals
in-depth media and marketing research (market, target audience, product category)
alternative cost-efficiency for business to consumer B2C or business to business B2B

Serving Direct Client Accounts, Advertising Agency Firms & Direct Marketing Agencies,
we plan and buy media of all forms including local, regional and national:

Traditional Media

Broadcast: TV, Cable, Radio
Print: Newspaper, Magazine
Outdoor: Billboards, Buses, Signs

Alternative Media

Direct Response
Sponsorships, Non-Profit Tie In
Internet, Web ECommerce

How much is enough shouldn't be your only question: When? Where? Who? Waste?
Solving your media marketing puzzle is in the mix ... The Media Mix

Reach the right target ... at the right time ... with the right message!

Media planning is an art and a science: Tools + Experience + Expertise = Effective Campaigns
Our Strategic Planning Client Background covers a wide range of client categories from retail to non-profit.

To make your media dollars work harder, Contact Us today!

Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national media planning and buying specialist

Media Buying Services : Cost-efficient solutions to the tough media challenges

Results-oriented media buying through experienced, effective negotiation
Seasoned expertise = tight, efficient budget control and accountability
Maximize value-added to stretch budgets and broaden marketing impact

 ~ Media buying from branding to direct response  ~
Direct Mail ...... Lists, Marriage Mail, Coupons, Full mail handling
Hispanic ......... Television, Radio, Newspaper, Research - All Markets
Internet ........... Banners, Links, WEB page development and optimization
Magazine ........ National Consumer, Trade Publications, Regional, Local
Newspaper ...... ROP, Inserts, Special Sections, Annual Publications
Out of Home.... Outdoor: 30-Sheet Posters, Painted Bulletins, "By The Day", Transit: Buses, Banners, Benches
Radio ............. Network, Unwired, Spot, Promotions, Merchandising
Television ........ Network TV, Regional or Spot TV, Cable, Syndication,
Direct Response Television Marketing & ROI / CPM Analysis
Yellow Pages .. Advertising Competitive Review, Develop Impact Programs

What can you expect as a client? The Media Mix strives for excellence in the service we provide. We'll under promise and over deliver. How? We'll develop the right fit. Negotiate for the right price. Stretch for media value-added. Watch the bottom line and provide solid follow through and accountability.

Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

Find a media buyer who is also a creative media planner with a strong marketing strategy background and your budget will go further .. bottom line. Let's work together to produce greater return on investment for your firm. Call 817-910-9000.

Whether itís local radio or a direct response television campaign nationally; internet promotion or web site management; developing a stronger, strategic mix or tying all the pieces together:
 The Media Mix is dedicated to providing solutions to the tough marketing challenges.

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Media Planning and Buying Service: Dallas Fort Worth Texas Based - National Services
Media and Marketing Strategy led by: Linda Yarbrough

Wherever you're located, near Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Tyler, Waco, Phoenix, San Diego, Charlotte, Honolulu, Denver, Cleveland, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Albuquerque, Biloxi, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Tucson, Shreveport, Texarkana, Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Little Rock, Seattle or anywhere in between, our firm can help your business thrive. ..... 817-910-9000
~ Jan. 25 2020 ~

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