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We have finally published a series of articles which focus on various elements of Media Marketing Strategy. These articles are also available in syndication through our RSS channel feed. RSS Feed Channel Articles

In response to a growing number of calls we receive with "horror stories" on advertisers experience with direct marketing efforts, we have written a series on consumer product marketing called: Guide to Direct Response Marketing & Advertising.

It is our hope that we never pick up the phone again to hear how someone has spent $200,000 + in media air time and up to $100,000 + in production expenses with next to no return on their investment ... and with the help of a direct marketing "expert" or agency.

Directed at the advertiser, these articles will give you base knowledge of some important factors in launching a direct response campaign. Armed with this information and probing questions, you can lay the right ground work for your product promotion and run a tight, successful direct marketing campaign.

Part I :
The Crucial Role of Testing in Direct Marketing

Part II :

How to buy Direct Response Television Media Time - Our Approach
Part III : Getting the Best ROI from DR Call Centers

Coming soon: How should my website tie-in with my direct marketing TV campaign?

Guest Article : Impending Paradigm Shift in Hardware Marketing : Direct Marketing
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