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Linda Yarbrough
Client Services Director and Owner:

Media Marketing Specialist and SEO Expert

With 39 years of experience in the advertising and media field, Linda has been involved in strategic marketing, advertising planning, media planning and buying for clients that have included:Linda Yarbrough Frito-Lay, Borden Milk and Ice Cream, Old El Paso Mexican Food, Taco Bell, Harris Methodist Hospital, The Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Market Center, Shop Rite Foods, Tandy / Radio Shack, Sprint Business, Med Plus Health, Flashnet Communications, Pro-Cuts Hair Care Centers and Texas Dairy Queens.

Linda has also helped clients with strategic marketing, new product promotion, E-commerce strategy, Newsletter and E-zine development as well as media marketing both on and off line. Linda has performed media planning and media buying in all forms ranging from local, regional and national network media.

With a strong background in direct response marketing and media, Linda consults with clients to strengthen their ROI results. She has put together a turn-key Direct Marketing Group made up of some of the best Direct Response Marketing Specialists in the country.

Finding that solving media puzzles is much like the skill set required for Search Engine Optimization, Linda began developing her SEO background in achieving top Search Engine Ranking 19 years ago. SEO and SEM are now a major specialty area of services for clients of The Media Mix.

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Hub McNett

Hub McNett, began his education in Graphic Arts; then after several years added Computer Science, a combination that would later have a strong impact on his second career.

A Computer Systems Analyst and Programmer for the National Weather Service South Region Headquarters through most of his career, he retired from the government Federal Aviation Administration FAA in Fort Worth, Texas as their LAN Local Area Network Manager and Webmaster.

After 32 years working for government in the computer field and 18 years of experience in web site design and web development, retirement allows Hub to focus full-time on helping businesses with their web page design and maintenance.

Without missing a beat, Hub ventured into his own business, FtwWeb and joined The Media Mix as Web Design Director allowing him to blend his expertise in web development and graphic design. Web Development, website design and database-driven web solutions are his forte but now on a smaller scale as he helps small business owners make the most of their internet visibility. Known for creating websites with clean lines and user friendly navigation, Hub has taken on a wide array of web based clients: from Promotional Sites to full blown E-Commerce applications with back-end administration.

His motto? "If it can be dreamed; it can be done!"

Together, Linda Yarbrough and Hub McNett have developed systems that merge strong SEO with Web Design structure to produce top SERPs Search Engine Ranking Positions. While still producing custom websites and databases for clients, they also offer WordPress Websites and Blogs as well as Social Media Graphics.

Solving your media marketing puzzle is in the mix ... The Media Mix

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