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"Testing will save you time, frustration and a lot of money. Serious money."

That's our best advice for direct selling of your product. Whether you're just beginning the Direct Response Marketing process or have been struggling with DRTV direct marketing, we can help.

With over 20 years experience, our background producing highly effective media campaigns covers broad client categories ranging from new product introductions to retail franchise support; direct marketers of health related products and services to direct selling of DRTV consumer products.

We can work with you to set up systems and procedures that will get your direct response television media program off to a solid start ... or shore up areas that need attention:

Conduct media and marketing research
  - Identify target audience, geography skew, internet tie-in, competition factors and sales potential

Determine broadcast spot format length best suited to your product, coordinate testing.
  - Short form formats versus longform informercials for spot, cable, network and syndicated TV
- :30 / :60 or longform on radio - local, regional, syndicated or national

Analyze cost efficiency of media alternatives
  - Television : National Cable Networks, Spot Cable or Spot Television markets to test
- Radio: Local, regional, Syndicated or National Network
- Print : Newspaper, Direct Mail, Niche Magazines: Local, Regional, National
- Alternative media : Internet, Sponsorships, Coop, Direct Response

Coordinate the set- up of administrative functions
  - ROI tracking systems, account application and billing process with media vendors

Develop CPM baseline for media cost per thousand goal through testing
  - Use to test campaign elements: copy, price point, call-to-action offer, up-sales, etc.

Advanced testing to determine most efficient frequency
  - Test “Low Level” versus “High Spend Level” budgets and analyze pay-out results

Accountability and reporting techniques to keep tight, firm control
  - Spots ordered versus aired; CPL cost per lead versus CPA cost per action.
- Print proof of performance, materials tracking, position reports

Recommend a roll-out strategy and develop Media Plan to take your campaign national.

The Media Mix can provide flexible services for you or your agency. Options include:
direct marketing consulting,
work on a project basis to tighten up particular issues or
supervising entire media buying process with your Direct Response media buyers or ours.

We even help get call center operations buttoned up to achieve the best ROI from your campaign: testing of scripts, coding of commercials, tracking and reporting systems. And recommend world-class copywriters who specialize in Direct Marketing to evaluate or write your call center sales script.

For a turn-key approach to your Direct Response campaign, we have put together a network of some of the finest marketing experts in the country:

Marketing Specialists who can help set pricing, element testing, focus group
Media Buying Specialists in spot or local, regional, network and syndication
Direct Marketing Copywriter for broadcast television, radio, print and direct mail
DR Marketing Producer with successful track record of DR campaigns
Television Commercial Production Facility (radio too!)
Dubbing House to duplicate spots, ad tracking set up, traffic of materials
Call Center Operations to monitor and shore up your telemarketing services
Product Order Fulfillment : In-House On Site or Outsourced

Call Linda Yarbrough at 817-910-9000 or Bob Cannon at 216-408-9495 today to get your Direct Response Marketing Campaign started on the right track … or back on track!

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Coming soon
: How should my website tie-in to my direct marketing campaign?

If you want to make the most of your marketing dollars, the first time, please give us a call. OR … if you’ve been running a campaign and wonder if it’s as good as it gets, call us at 817-910-9000.

Solving your media marketing puzzle is in the mix ... The Media Mix

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Direct Response Marketing Advertising : DRTV Infomercial Media Buying and DR Services for Direct Selling
:: Fort Worth / Dallas Texas Based  -  National Service ::

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~ Jan. 25 2020 ~

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