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Call Center Solutions - Customer Service Practice  

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The Media Mix knows how to generate more leads for you through solid media buys! And we can do it at the most efficient cost per call ...

But what happens when your prospect picks up the phone to make the inquiry?

"Are your call centers doing the best job for you? Are they providing the greatest return for the money you are spending? Cost Per Call vs. Results Per Call is a critical measurement!"
(Also called CPL = Cost Per Lead vs. CPA = Cost Per Action)

It's all about maximizing your Return on Investment ROI results while giving your customers an experience that “exceeds” their expectations! Whether your call center is in-house or you are using call center outsourcing services, we can help.

Our team of call center sales and performance professionals can bring a valuable, experienced, independent third party perspective and work with call center management to ensure the most effective operations are employed to improve both your media results and your bottom line.

We provide call center consulting services, monitoring and study of your call center performance. Upon assessment, we will make tactical recommendations to address key issues:

We begin with the script. Is it effective? Is it “comfortable?” Is it closing the sale?
Measuring telemarketing qualifications to ensure “best-practices” and “best-staff”
Improving your closing ratios versus calls; setting benchmarks by industry
Enhancing workflows to reduce paperwork and increase amount of time calling
Inbound and outbound telemarketing: down time must be minimized
Increase Cross-sales and Up-sales per call

Additionally, we can evaluate, improve if necessary, and implement:

Employee Development Plans / Action Plans that motivate call center staff
Measurable, quantifiable methods of tracking per caller effectiveness
Updated sales scripts to improve per call results
Systems and procedures for tight, efficient tracking and reporting
Clarifying employee goals and objectives to reduce turnover (a major call center issue nationwide!)
Call center seminars and training workshops

We work as a “team” with your managers, supervisors and staff, to maximize their efforts and generate the largest impact for the dollars you are investing – in media dollars and your call center.

The two areas are undeniably linked: Without competitive, efficient handling of every call, your media investment dollars are not working their hardest. The two areas can, and should, work together to bring you the desired results – the absolute most return on your investment.

The Media Mix is dedicated to providing solutions to the tough media marketing challenges.
Call Center Management Consulting of Telemarketing Operations for Direct Response Marketing

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Fort Worth Dallas Texas based • Local, Regional and National Services ::

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