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Advertising Services, Co-op Programs, Franchise  

::  Fort Worth Dallas Texas based • Local, Regional and National Services ::

Advertising Services

Our role is getting the word out about your business, product or services using a mix of media. And doing it effectively and efficiently!

    • Advertising Budget Development
    • Print and Logo Design
    • Branding Materials
    • Coordinating production material & traffic
    • Copywriting and Editing
    • Internet Marketing & Social Media
    • Media Planning & Buying
      • Direct Mail
      • Internet: CPC, CPA, Affiliate Programs
      • Newspaper
      • Outdoor
      • Radio
      • TV

Co-op Funded Programs

  • Co-op Campaigns can be a great boost for Manufacturers / Parent Companies and Retail Outlets
  • Joint projects have a downside they can be difficult to administer.
  • Let our experience with regional and national co-op programs put the power of joint funded projects to work for you!

Franchise Operations

  • Franchising has changed the face of retail sales. Pooling resources can be powerful!
  • The Media Mix has deep experience administering campaigns for Franchisors.
  • Advertising funds collected produce strong branding which translates to increased profits for Franchisees.
  • The Media Mix will stretch your budget with creative media solutions.
ROI Tracking
  • Return on Investment is the bottom line for all Advertising Programs.
  • The Media Mix always has our eye on the bottom line
    • producing effective and efficient campaigns
    • wrapping up the campaign with accountability through custom designed reporting systems.

Project Coordination
We can oversee all aspects of projects on a turnkey basis or choose the services you need.

Dallas Fort Worth Texas based national search engine optimization specialist

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Wherever you're located, near Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Tyler, Waco, Phoenix, San Diego, Charlotte, Honolulu, Denver, Cleveland, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Albuquerque, Biloxi, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Tucson, Shreveport, Texarkana, Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Little Rock, Seattle or anywhere in between, our firm can help your business thrive. ..... 817-910-9000

~ Jan. 25 2020 ~

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